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Alliance Direct Media is reshaping the way companies will manage their marketing budgets across the country.

Hot Mortgage Leads

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Many of our mortgage leads clients use a combination of Direct Mail, Web Forms & Calls, and IVR Transfers to optimize their closed deal volume and LO daily talk time. lliance Direct is currently generating more leads in FHA Streamline, HARP 2.0, and Reverse than any other company in the country. Alliance Direct Media will bring each consumer in need of mortgage refinance and purchase loan to the best suited mortgage company in America.

Tax Leads

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The IRS expects to see an increase in delinquencies, and is sending millions of mailers in a desperate attempt to collect on previous delinquencies, effectively scaring thousands of people to the web in seek of answers and help. Now is the time to take MASSIVE ACTION (Bill Gates quote on Microsoft strategy in late 70′s) and invest your businesses capital and credit into the countries best IRS Tax Debt Leads.

Credit/ Debt Leads

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It’s extremely important that you monitor your CPA (cost per acquisition) in this business because most Lead Vendors sell Debt Settlement and Debt Management Leads for more than they’re worth which could end up costing you over $1000 per closed deal and never yield a profit if the client drops off the program within the first year. Our Debt Settlement and Debt Management Leads are known to yield the highest closing ratio in the Lead Sales business and our client retention rate is over 80%. Data starts as low as $0.03 and exclusive Web & TV Calls are under $60

Student Loan/EDU Leads

Qualified Leads
More Americans are going to college every year and taking out large loans in order to pay for their education. It is hard for new graduates to find a job right out of the gate, or to make enough money to pay for these large student debts on top of other expenses. Thousands of students are now taking advantage of student loan consolidation programs, and Alliance Direct can provide your company with qualified student loan consolidation leads to reach this audience.